• A voice fabric that wraps around your telephone network, connecting you to your customer like never before.

    One Voice Cloud brochure
  • One Voice Cloud (OVC)Platform

    The One Voice Cloud platform offers full telephony functionality, with carrier diversity, in one place that is easy to use, secure and highly scalable.


    From provisioning to highly sophisticated call routing, recording and analytics, OVC provides voice capabilities that are designed to exceed your expectations.


    OVC is PCI-DSS (Level 1) compliant and conforms to the HIPAA and CSA Star standards.


    With a web portal and highly flexible API capabilities, OVC is ideal for Enterprise and Carrier services.

  • Portal

    A highly scalable and secure portal that provides all the functionality and control for One Voice Cloud in a single, easy to use framework.


    All services are run within the portal with full user access, control and management and can be white labeled, as required.



    Security is a priority with granular control of functionality, SSO and simple user access controls.

    High Availability

    The OVC portal is built on a High Availability model with "active-active" nodes and mirrored databases.


    Each service is built as a module and is available to you when you need the additional functionality.


    All modules and data can be accessed via APIs and all functionality is API-enabled.

  • Provisioning

    OVC enables provisioning of Toll Free and local numbers (Canada and U.S.)

    International provisioning is for local and Toll Free is also available.


    All numbers provisioned by OVC will automatically be held in the Asset Manager module and you can upload all of your other telephone numbers for simple, easy access and control.


    (No more spreadsheets.)

    Toll Free

    We provide a full suite of services for provisioning and managing your Toll Free numbers.

    Local Numbers

    We interconnect with multiple carriers, providing an extensive network in the U.S. and Canada.

    Asset Manager

    A centralised place to keep and manage all your Telco assets, no matter who your carrier is.


    We offer local and Toll Free in a bunch of countries, ensuring that you can route voice traffic from anywhere.

  • Trunking

    One Voice Cloud offers integrated Over The Top IP Trunking on which any of the services can be added.


    Our inter-operability automation together with active monitoring ensures that the connection between your organisation and ours remains active.


    The optional network resiliency ensures that telephone calls are always delivered.


    Interop Automation

    Inter-operability testing of SIP trunks is a challenge and often causes significant delays. We have automated it!

    SIP Trunking

    Over the Top IP Trunking with access to sophisticated network tools so that you can see exactly what is happening.

    Network Monitoring

    Our Connection Quality Test Tool (CQTTy-Pi3) continually tests connections and alarms when quality drops.

    Network Resiliency

    We are not a Telco and use multiple carriers, ensuring that redundancy is more than duplicate hardware.

  • Voice

    We can do almost anything with a telephone call and you can add each module or functionality set when required.


    The interface is clean and simple but provides the ability to build very complex call routing and control.


    APIs and external data look-ups ensure that any integration with your systems is there when you need it.

    Call Allocation

    Route calls based on time, day, date, CLID, DNIS and all sorts of other control that include remote API responses.

    Call Queuing

    High capacity call queuing, that is scalable, flexible and includes custom in-queue messaging and music.


    Sophisticated IVR, with a myriad set of functionality, including web access for ease of use and real-time deployment.

    Post Call Survey

    Gain invaluable insights with customer feedback in a flexible format with results that are available in real-time.

    Recording Sources

    Record on our Cloud, or provide recordings from your premise equipment.


    Two way fax service with fax forwarding, print to fax and online storage. If you need it, it is there.

  • Value add

    Our value add functionality uses call recording to analyse the actual
    content of each call.


    We track each channel and analyse them separately to ensure that the content and context of each call is clear.


    Our tools provide high level and granular results, dashboards and views to meet your exact needs.


    We also provide a full suite of texting capabilities to ensure that your customers can reach you.

    Call Recording

    High quality stereo recording based on a specific percentage or call types.
    Web accessible and PCI compliant.


    We can ensure that your recordings are compliant by redacting them. We offer "nuclear", PCI or custom redaction.

    Analytics (TILES)

    Provides high-level, actionable analytics that are perfect for QA teams.

    Analytics (Eureka)

    In depth analytics that provides granular analysis, word clouds, transcripts and more.

    Texting (Applications)

    Two-way Toll Free and local number texting with full API integration for your applications.

    Texting (Conversations)

    GUI-based, two-way texting for Toll Free and local numbers that is easy to use, multi chat-enabled and feature-rich.

  • Call Centre

    An extensive Call Centre capability is embedded into OVC, providing full Cloud based call centre functionality.


    By using our webphone, all your agents need is a computer and a decent internet connection.


    The Cloud control ensures that your call centre management sees one composite view of all agents, no matter where they are located.


    A web phone that is fully web based with no browser plugin or software download.

    Cloud ACD

    A leading edge Cloud ACD capability with all the call centre functionality possible. All web based no hardware.

    Omni channel

    Ability to server voice, text and email queues from one interface, providing a holistic data set and metrics.

    Reporting & Dashboards

    Real-time reports and dashboards that are customizable and provide all the call centre key metrics.

  • We are Aizan

    We are an idea-based company that creates intelligent
    cloud-communication tools.
    Our cloud platforms help major enterprises across North America stay connected and informed.

    We connect businesses to their greatest asset.

    Their customers.


    Aizan is a bright, nimble company that thrives on ideas and demonstrates voice leadership. In partnership with other innovative companies, we create intuitive and intelligent tools that help you connect with customers efficiently.


    As early as 1999, our three founders established one of the first hosted IVR solutions in Canada, with a vision of providing intelligent solutions to companies who want to stop the hardware buying cycle.


    Today, the company remains true to its vision of providing cloud-based solutions that are simple, robust, scalable and affordable.